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This software is only available to people of legal age. The game offers no possibility of winning money or anything of value. Success in playing this game does not necessarily imply your success in a similar real- money game.
Playing-Speed of PokerAlfie Software Speed for one decision (Settings: Speed 1): Calculation (6 player in game) on Intel i7-4790K 4x4.4-GHz: ca 5.7 second Calculation (2 player in game) on Intel i7-4790K 4x4.4-GHz: ca 1.7 second Speed for one decision (Settings: Speed 3): Calculation (6 player in game) on Intel i7-4790K 4x4.4-GHz: ca 1.5 second Calculation (2 player in game) on Intel i7-4790K 4x4.4-GHz: ca 0.5 second Speed for one decision (Settings: Speed 5): Calculation (6 player in game) on Intel i7-4790K 4x4.4-GHz: ca 0.3 second Calculation (2 player in game) on Intel i7-4790K 4x4.4-GHz: ca 0.1 second Calculation on Intel i7-5960x 8x4.0-GHz (OC): ca 1.3 faster than on i7-4790K All calculations are executed on CPU, there is no use of GPU or some kind of FPGA. There is almost no degradation in play quality by increasing the calculation speed.
Computational complexity References Tuomas Sandholm, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon: “Poker is now a benchmark for artificial intelligence research, just as chess once was” Two-player no-limit Hold’em, Sandholm said, has 10^161 situations, or information sets, that a player may face —vastly more than all of the atoms in the universe. By contrast, the easier game of limit Hold’em, in which bets and raises are limited to a pre- determined amount, has only 10^13 information sets. Heads-up limit hold’em poker is solved by Michael Bowling, Neil Burch, Michael Johanson, Oskari Tammelin: “the game (heads-up limit Texas hold’em poker) has 3.19 × 10^14 decision points where a player is required to make a decision” Computational complexity of some well-known games:
Playing-Strength of PokerAlfie No-Limit Texas Hold'em cannot be completely solved, not even the 2-player-version. So the nonexisting 100% optimal player is playing better then PokerAlfie. But because of the way it is built, PokerAlfie’s strength is very high and challenges good poker players.
PokerAlfi’s concept of thinking is similar to concepts used by chess software. 1. PokerAlfie does not use Neural Networks or Deep Learning and does not need any pre-play learning time. 2. PokerAlfie does not use an expert system; there is not a line of code used to guide him in making any decisions. 3. There is no pre saved data except some probability data for Preflop and Flop. Also those data can be generated on the fly for about 0.3 second per stage. 4. PokerAlfie does not analyze opponents decision-history and does not adapt his play to opponents play style.
PokerAlfie - Poker AI Offline Poker AI Software - No-Limit Texas Hold'em Play poker offline with world class AI Texas Holdem software PokerAlfie Play offline poker against a world class poker AI. It is 100% free and without commercials with unlimited amount of free play chips. PokerAlfie is offline No Limit Texas Holdem AI Player. PokerAlfie’s playing strength is very high and challenges good poker players. One of the top Serbian players played against PokerAlfie, here is his comment: “I played against PokerAlfie v2.0 over 5000 hands and PokerAlfie was better for about 0.05 big blinds per hand.” - Nislija (Sany Boy - PokerStars). Nislija's worldwide highest ranking at PocketFives is 394 PokerAlfie is suitable for all players. If you are a rookie or a part-time player with PokerAlfie you have a unique opportunity to play against a world class opponent free of charge. If you are a poker enthusiast or an expert, PokerAlfie is the best free of charge sparring partner for you to practically try, learn or examine concepts and strategies. It is indisputable, that by just having fun and playing against PokerAlfie you can improve your poker game. To see if you are a better player than PokerAlfie, you should play at least 5000 hands. PokerAlfie isn’t unbeatable, but before playing for real money, play against PokerAlfie first and try to understand why you win or why you lose. Advantages of playing poker offline: - Offline you can play poker anytime and anywhere - AI offline opponents play fast, there are no boring thinkers - In an offline poker game there is no waiting for opponents to reconnect or to get better connection - When playing Texas Holdem offline you are not depending on your internet connection - Because an offline poker software is 100% on your phone or on your PC, there is no server connection, so there is no waiting and no game disrupting More info about poker offline can be found here
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